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Before making any commitment or paying, We will design a free website homepage mockup for you.

How does the free Web Mockup process work?

Our company has been designing websites for many years, and we understand that trusting a new company can be difficult, especially for website design. Before making any commitment or paying, We will design a free website homepage mockup for you.

Our team hopes that you will like the new website design, and we will then continue to work together. If you don’t like it, there is no pressure to continue working together. Our price is flat and with no future o hiding fees.

Our Free Website Mockup offer may be refused to any project we do not feel is a match for our services.

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You can begin the process by filling out this form. An email will be sent to you within 24 hours to schedule a phone call or a Zoom meeting to discuss your project in more detail. Before we start your Free Website Mockup, we need to talk over the phone or thru a Zoom Meeting to get an idea of the scope of your project.

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A Meeting for discovery

It will take between 15 to 30 minutes for our first meeting. We will ask you several questions to determine the scope of the project, including your goals, website functionality, key requirements, and desired timeline. In addition we will explain you what our Budget-Friendly Web Design Package for Small Businesses include for a flat price.

Get a Estimate

The estimate for the project will be emailed to you within minutes after our first meeting. It will include a list of services and features provided in our Budget-Friendly Web Design Package for Small Businesses, the quote will also include a timeline for the project and a cost estimate. If you are comfortable with the estimate's scope and price, we can proceed with the Free Website Mockup offer. At this point you only sign an acceptance on the estimate in order for us to proceed with your free website mockup but we have not exchanged any funds yet.

Fill out a website questionnaire

An extensive questionnaire will be sent to you to help us understand your vision for the new website. In addition to links to other websites that you like, you can also decide on fonts, colors, and other visual elements.

Free website mockup

The free website's homepage mockup will be delivered to you within 3-4 business days after completing the website questionnaire. If we work together, the mockup will serve as a guide when we design the rest of your website. If you approve our free website mockup, you will have sufficient opportunity to revise the design till you are satisfied.


If you like the mockup and want to proceed with the project, We will convert the previous signed estimate into an Invoice and after we receive the funds as previously discussed in our meeting and as highlighted under “Terms and Conditions” in the invoice, Only Then this will be our website design agreement and we will start working on your final and official Website design.

No obligations

We can remain, friends, even if the free mockup didn't meet your expectations. No obligations, no hard feelings. Our services are free and you will have a better understanding of what you want on a website. You are not entitled to a copy of the mockup design and cannot use it without full compensation.

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The Digital solution for your business

Our digital services have been designed with simplicity, efficiency and productivity in mind, we use them ourselves.

What We Do

Web Design

We design Responsive Websites. A single version of your website automatically adjusts to any screen size.


Since an IVR system is often the first contact a client has with your company, customization is essential to a successful implementation.

SMS Marketing (coming soon)

With our easy-to-use platform, you control who receives an SMS marketing message, what content is shared, when it's sent, and more...

CRM (coming soon)

Manage all your business's interactions with customers and potential customers from one place.

Quick and Inexpensive Web Design

Before making any commitment or paying, we will design a free mockup of your new website homepage.

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Small Business rely on Blinks Media


For a long time, we've been creating game-changing web design.


Frequently Asked Questions.

And our most common responses.

Getting quotes from web designers might make you feel like you've just emerged from a category 5 Hurricane. A five-page website with a blog for a small business can cost anywhere from $200 and $10,000. We are not Kidding. This is absurd, in our opinion. We've done everything we can to make this process as simple as possible for you by providing quick quotes within a few hours.
You'll be able to pinpoint exactly which features your website requires and see where you can save the most money. Instead of waiting days for an email response, you'll get a quote right away sent to your email.

Absolutely. You retain complete control of the website and any material included within. One of the main reasons we choose WordPress to build our websites is because of this. If (in the unlikely event) you decide to relocate your website to a different hosting platform, it's quite simple to do so. We have no wish to imprison anyone.

Yes! Is the quick response.

Long(er) answer: It all depends on your level of WordPress experience... Once your new website is ready and launched, you'll be given administrative access to the backend. You are free to make as many changes and edits as you want. If you make a change to your website that completely destroys it, we'll save the day by restoring it to its original condition using one of our daily backups. Never underestimate the worth of your time!

There is no contract , no string attached.

We want you to be so Happy with our services that you will refuse to use anybody else. We believe we offer one of the most compelling value offers in the industry. As a result, after five years in business and hundreds of clients, we can count on one hand the number of people who have left us.

See for yourself what we're all about by giving us a try!

No, the mockup is free

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